Good Advice From Grandpa

Grampa with GrandChildren

There is something profoundly special about Grandfathers.

These patriarchs have backbones of steel and the patience of a saint. They have developed a knack for imparting words of wisdom which can last you a lifetime.

Here are some Life Lessons that Grandpa might have passed on to you:

#1: Stay Tidy & Organized

Keeping your home, office, and work area neat and organized is timeless advice. A devotion to Planning and Organizing isn’t just about impressing visitors, there are many benefits to maintaining an organized lifestyle. These benefits include less stress, heightened motivation and increased productivity.

#2: Always Be On Time

Prove your respect for others by always arriving On Time, or even a little bit early. In addition to being polite, this also allows you to pull yourself together and be ready for the meeting, visit, or appointment.

#3: Treat Others The Way They Want To Be Treated

Be flexible in your approach toward people. Every individual will require a slightly different approach. Your effort will be appreciated, and each Interaction will sharpen your people skills.

#4: Love Yourself

Everyone has to endure their own difficulties and struggles, but never forget to Love Yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat a close loved one. Avoid negative self-talk and never try to be someone you are not. You are your own person – and that person is very special!

#5: Bad Times Will Come – But They Will Also Pass

Nothing in life lasts forever… Not even the bad times. Anticipate that you will face Hard Times, but acknowledge that they Will Not Last. Take whatever time is necessary to lick your wounds, but quickly raise your chin up and continue moving forward.

#6: Good Manners Won’t Cost You A Cent

Maintaining Good Manners doesn’t cost you anything, and can bring harmony to your relationships. Remember to say “Please” and “Thank You”. Overall, be considerate of all those around you.

#7: Stay Firm In Your Convictions

Strive to be pleasant and polite, doesn’t mean that you should ever let people walk all over you. Stay firm and true to your convictions. Never let people make you feel like your Core Values and Beliefs are wrong.

#8: Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Your failures, whether real or perceived, offer valuable Life Lessons. If you were to succeed at everything you tried, you would risk learning nothing. So, go out and Fail at something! Learn the lesson, and become a better person. You will then be more apt to reach your goals, as well.

#9: Place Family And Friends First

Make family and friends a Priority – above all other interactions. Building a strong social circle will provide you with a firm foundation for success. In bad times, as well as good times, these are the people you will rely on. Foster powerful relationships by Giving every bit as much as you Take.


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